Preparing for the South Sister


In my exploration into travel and hospitality, I’ve set a few personal goals. I think that it is important to test your limits by accomplishing something you didn’t think your body could withstand. For me, that would be reaching the top of a mountain peak. Particularly, conquering the South Sister in Oregon.

But achieving a challenge such as this requires a lot of preparation. You need to train, pack the proper equipment and buy the clothing needed to withstand weather conditions. I prefer supporting brands that play a part in giving back to the community: companies that take their Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. To begin my planning process I was looking into big corporations that supply the type of clothing I need to hike South Sister, while also checking out its history of CSR. 

I was happy with what I found, considering The North Face is already one of my favorite outdoor product companies. Not only do they have the products that will support my expedition up the South Sister, but they also have an interesting CSR campaign: “Clothes the Loop.”

“Clothes the Loop” is a recycle, reward and renew program. Customers have the opportunity to turn in their old, unwanted clothing and receive a reward, good for the purchase of any The North Face item. Not only does it benefit the customer because they get a discount on purchases, but the proceeds go toward The Conservation Alliance. With every piece of recycled clothes or shoes donated, The North Face takes a step in the right direction toward protecting and preserving our environment. But I think that the most brilliant part about the “Clothes the Loop” campaign is how easy it is for The North Face customers. No one has to go out of his or her way or take time out of a busy schedule. If you already have a trip planned to go to The North Face, you simply bring your old clothes along with you. It’s convenient and it’s easy. 

Considering I have plans to get out and see the world, I would like to contribute to keeping the environment prosperous and beautiful. And I’m assuming that most people buying The North Face products are similar to me. Fellow adventurers and thrill seekers, these are the kind of people who would also like to save the environment if they had the opportunity to contribute to a cause such as The Conservation Alliance.

The North Face makes this easy and possible. For any trip planned in the future that requires protective outdoor wear, I will most certainly be looking to The North Face for products. I’d be interested to see what other clothing companies have great CSR campaigns. Feel free to share!


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