Finding the Consumer’s Sweet Tooth

As I’ve been exploring the realm of Travel and Hospitality PR, I became interested in tactics that businesses use to enhance customer satisfaction and draw more consumers in. One industry that stood out to me was Holiday Inn Express. Holiday Inn recently implemented a campaign that was not only interesting, but completely satisfying to customers.

This campaign was titled the “Pancake Selfie Express.” Combining two of American’s favorite things, breakfast food and taking selfies, Holiday Inn Express has the genius idea to travel around nine different major U.S. cities and provide people with the opportunity to take a selfie, then have it printed onto a pancake for them to eat. Holiday Inn Express created an entire page on their website dedicated to explaining the campaign and providing customers with whatever information they needed  in order to get their selfie pancake. The PR team back at Holiday Inn Express also provided consumers with an infographic on the website, providing statistics about the campaign. View the infographic below:

I think that it was smart of Holiday Inn Express to have information such as this available for their viewers. Not only is this infographic informative, but it is visually appealing and puts into perspective how much effort was put into the campaign. Additionally, they had their brand’s Creative Director and actor/comedian Rob Riggle serve as the spokesperson for the campaign. In return for taking the time to visit one of the Pancake Selfie Express vans, customers were given IHG Reward Club Points to be applied to future visits at any Holiday Inn hotel. Not only did the company find a way to get customers attention about the brand, but they also implemented a plan that immediately gave consumers a reward that encouraged them to come to Holiday Inn in the future for their hospitality needs. I think that more companies could take from campaigns such as the Pancake Selfie Express in order to attract more business and gain loyal customers.


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