Intro to Travel and Hospitality PR

With family and friends in countries all over the world including Guam, New Zealand, Canada and Spain, I’ve always acquired curiosity when it comes to traveling, adventure and adrenaline. I aspire to infuse my passion for both public relations and travel through either working for an International agency or taking my talents abroad. So that’s where I start here.

I have chosen to examine the travel and hospitality sector of PR. I figure the more that I research, the more I will be inspired to learn about all of the different cultures this world has to offer and how the travel industry works as a whole. And in the process of inspiring myself, perhaps I will do the same for my readers. In my experience, just having the desire to travel isn’t enough to actually go out and make it happen. Knowing where you are going, how you will get there, where you will stay, what your purpose and goal of going is, and many other factors all contribute to each individual’s experience with travel. My goal with this blog is to help myself figure these questions out, with the opportunity to help my readers along the way.

So if you are someone interested in traveling and exploring the world, no matter what the age, destination or reason, you’ve come to the right place.

Over the next seven weeks I will be covering the topics of media relations, crisis communication, entertainment integration, and consumer marketing, among other subjects. My goal for my readers is to communicate with me what topics you enjoy and which topics you’d like to hear more about. My personal goal is to analyze how these topics are approached and offer my own opinion on “what’s hot” in the realm of Travel and Hospitality PR.

I hope my blog offers you motivation to get out and get goin’.

Let’s dive in.