Über Great Social Marketing Techniques



For my post this week I was curious to explore the wonderful world of social media and how it has benefited travel and hospitality companies all over the globe. As I was exploring the different modes of transportation for travel, not only in the U.S. but in other countries as well, I couldn’t help but think of one company that has exploded since 2009 and continues to excel in the world of transportation.


According to its websites statistics, Über currently provides service in 58 countries and 300 cities worldwide. And from the looks of its constant expansion in social marketing and social media, it’s only going to continue to expand. There are a few social media and marketing techniques I’ve observed Über implementing that I think readers would be interested to know about. Anyone in the process of growing their start-up could probably take some helpful hints from one of the fastest growing start-ups in the world.

Here are just a few social media and marketing tactics I applaud Über for:

  1. In addition to dozens and dozens of personal Über Instagram accounts for cities worldwide, the company also maintains an Instagram account with the handle name @UberEATS. This individual Instagram account is mentioned often on the captions of the main Über Instagram account which links viewers directly to the @UberEATS account. On this account, the company advertises one of the features on the Über app, which allows customers to order food in their local areas and have it delivered right to their door. And you can pay for your meal through the Über app. Convenient and brilliant.
  2. Hashtag take overs allow customers to feel connected to real life people and what Über had done for them. The company implemented a #whyiride and #whyidrive Instagram take over, in which they had four different people for each hashtag post on the account. The #whyiride take over was done by four different photographers who use the app to get to their destinations. Each post was accompanied with a picture of where their Über took them and why they choose to ride with Über. The #whyidrive take over was similar, but with drivers instead of passengers.
  3. On July 19, 2015, Über added an “ice cream” feature to its app, allowing customers in 33 different cities to get ice cream upon request. Under its social media accounts it used the hashtag “#Ubericecream” to get word out about this one day event. Not only is the idea genius (because who doesn’t love ice cream?), but the strategy to get the topic trending on social media was well-implemented.
  4. In addition to constantly changing and developing new features on its own app,  Über also created a way to connect with other business’s apps as well. When Über API was created in August 2014, the company created a way to help other businesses link to Über through their apps. Not only did Über create a way to advertise its business on its own app, but figured out a way to get its name out through other businesses apps and social media as well. All while at the same time benefiting both businesses. Well played, Über.
  5. Über’s interaction with customers on Twitter is excellent. The social media team that works to answer questions and concerns on Twitter are quick, efficient and 100% there to serve the Über community.

I’m a big fan of how Über is using Social Media to not only brand itself, but to give its consumers what they want at the same time. So whether you are looking to travel and not sure of what transportation to use or beginning a start-up and need help getting your company’s name out there: Über seems like a reliable company to look to.